utopiamods: (demon king elle)
Rakuen Moderators ([personal profile] utopiamods) wrote 2011-01-24 12:26 pm (UTC)

Hey there!

Transferring characters from other games falls under our AU rules. That is, it's entirely case-by-case. Feel free to IM a mod - I'm currently contactable via Got Materia on AIM. There are some general rules; for example, memories of other canons should be suppressed in most cases to avoid clashing with current casts, but keeping memories between two characters should be fine.

As to the Weapon-Player system, characters are both. Every round - that is, every in-game week and real life fortnight - a quarter of the student population are randomly selected as Players, and the other 75% act as their Weapon pool. The following round, a new group is selected. This maintains a 1:3 Player-Weapon ratio through the game.

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