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Gotcha. I'll go ahead and explain here, I think.

The world sort of started out as high fantasy and gradually morphed into a more industrial revolution era slightly steampunky deal. There's pretty typical fantasy races, though they don't take quite the traditional forms (elves have tails because loltree-dwellers, dwarves are mostly blind and have bizzare ears for better sound localization, that sort of thing) Magic exists, pulling its power from the gods; as such, it's generally concentrated in their clergy with a few exceptions. Firifale's one because he was(un?)lucky enough to have been in an area with lots of residual magic from a skirmish between some gods, and it sort of infected him. Technology in the world is just starting to take off. The main form of technology is based around mechanical constructs and a crystal core imbued with magic, which sort of acts like a computer chip to program movements and act as a partial power source. The only really notable current political event is a civil war in a nearby country that was a monarchy, though all bets are off because their queen recently turned into a dragon and flew away. (Long story, that.) The story is actually about the woman who accidentally caused the civil war and some people who are trying to fix it. They wanted to use Firifale's magic to create some illusionary disasters and make it look like the gods were breaking through from the celestial realm they're sealed off in-- the whole 'unite against a common enemy' idea-- so that's basically his role in the story.

Firifale himself is a pretty simple and straightforward character. If I may c/p from my information post... The watchword for Firifale is ‘extremely’; as in ‘extremely excitable’, ‘extremely friendly’ , ‘extremely energetic’, and ‘extremely bad impulse control.’ Since he only gained self-awareness recently, the world is still new and he wants to learn everything and do everything, as soon as possible, with no time to stop and think about what makes sense. He's pretty social and he likes people until they give him a very good reason not to, most of the time. He's still an animal at heart though and driven largely by instinct-- though he's much more 'fight' than 'flight'. He also has kind of odd speech patterns because language is hard (short choppy sentences, diction not quite on the spot), but he'll probably learn his way out of those eventually. All in all he's upbeat and friendly, but totally weird and a little overwhelming.

Um. I think that's it, unless you have any other questions? Sorry it got so long! He also has an info post on his journal from an old OC DR, if you feel the need to check that out. Though some of the world info might be out-dated. Like I said, it's changed a bit.

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