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Frau ~ Zehel ([personal profile] xxxpriest) wrote in [personal profile] utopiamods 2012-03-23 05:03 pm (UTC)

Sandra in Frau journal

So I said I had a few questions, here they are:

1) Frau is dead, but he walks around and interacts with people as if he was still alive. The only proof that he's dead in his canon is that he doesn't have a heartbeat and he does not have the ability to regulate heat and cold. The question is, he is a very light oriented character despite being dead, who will that work?

2) A sillier question, what if they forget most of the things from their canon that would help with the subject I plan on them teaching? Ie. Frau forgets the exact wording of the Barsburg church bible, but I want him to teach Religious Studies.

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