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Arrival Information

New students arrive in Rakuen on a steam train. They wake up on the train with a simple rucksack containing a uniform set (everyone gets the trousers version, skirt version, and shorts version of the uniform regardless of gender) in their size (in the colours of their assigned school), the school handbook, a Player glove and twenty raks.

A post will go up on the day new characters arrive, which is open to all new characters and will be set on the train. An example of this can be found here. Later, a post will go up set on the platform where Prefects and other existing characters will come to meet the new arrivals and answer their questions, show them to their dorms, etc. An example can be found here

Once the platform post has gone up, you are free to assume your character has been shown to their school and can go about exploring the town. The setting page is here.

Their first day will be mostly exploring and getting to know other characters before the round change assembly the next day.

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