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Exaclan is the name of the battle system used in the City of Rakuen. It is a tactile holographic virtual reality system that covers the entire city, allowing for such things as pulling weapons out of people's chests and fighting deadly battles without danger. Anything that happens in Exaclan is "real", i.e. it really happens, but battles using Weapons that do not cause physical damage (though they still cause very real pain).

At first glance, Exaclan seems like a very complicated game. And in fact, it is. For the characters, that is. The basics of it, however, are rather simple.

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The main upgrade is known as a Power Ring. These items may be purchased at the shop for fifteen Raks each. They unlock one of the Weapon's powers as an upgrade; these are the five powers you selected during the application process, and can each be either Boost, Elemental, Condition or Ability upgrades. For example, X buys two Power Rings for Y, who was a pyrokinetic with high speed in battle. The Rings unlock 'fire-element damage' and 'Agility Boost'. The weapon of Y then has the option of bursting into flame during battles for increased burnosity, or increasing the Player's Agility stat.

Once activated, Power Rings can be traded to other Weapons, but their power is reduced when used by anyone besides their original owner. For example, a Durability boost ring might be reduced slightly when equipped by someone else. A ring left behind by a dropped character can be worn by anyone without the upgrade's power being weakened.

Note that only the Weapon's upgrades are considered in battle; any upgrades the Player is wearing are inactive. The only exception to this is an undead ring, which is active if worn by a Player or a Weapon.

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To report a battle result, comment to this post with: the names of all participants, Weapons included; the location of the battle; and the result (i.e. the winning Player and the Weapon transferred to them from their opponent.)

Feel free to add any exciting details and interactions that occurred before, during, or after the battle for the weekly Exaclan Report! It doesn't matter if you actually logged the battle or not, any details recorded here will be canon. All battles, past and present, are logged on the Wiki.

If your character has won the round, either through battling or vowing, please comment here as well to let us know.

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As a reminder, Rakuen accepts OCs and AUs!

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Abilities are a special power granted by the Weapon to the Player that don't fall under any of the other types of upgrades. There is no limit to the number of Abilities within the Exaclan system - if you think of one that isn't listed, ask a mod if you can have it anyway, and we'll add it! Don't feel obligated to pick one from the list below, even if it is unused.

Once activated, Ability rings can be traded to other Weapons, but their power is reduced when used by anyone besides their original owner. Exactly how their power is reduced is up to the mun of the Weapon they've been traded to; for example, Amnesia might fail to deactivate an upgrade half the time, or it might instead choose to deactivate the opponent's least advantageous upgrade rather than something truly random.

A ring left behind by a dropped character can be worn by anyone without the upgrade's power being weakened.

For questions about ability interaction with one another, or if you have an idea for an ability but aren't apping a character it would work for, leave a comment in this entry.

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If you would like to suggest an ability, reply to this entry with the name and suggested effect of the ability. All suggested abilities are subject to mod approval, but it will probably get through as long as it's not too ridiculous.

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