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Rakuen is essentially a small university town, at least superficially. It is situated on an island, with the only operational way onto said island being a steam-train that makes no return trips. In the town proper there are two school campuses -- one near the station, named Conquest, and Fortitude on the opposite side of the town. The centrepiece of the town is its large arena, in which more formal battles and tournaments are held, but it also boasts a small woodland in which numerous pavilions and small clearings are concealed, as well as a lake, a mercantile quarter and a mysterious mansion.

A number of small businesses that sell mundane items such as clothing or food are arranged in a square in the north of the town, included in which is the Exaclan shop, Rakettear. Scattered through Rakuen are six identical towers. The city itself is surrounded by a wall, behind which are alternating small cliffs and rocky beaches.

The entire area is coated in layers of tactile empathic holographics, all geared towards the battle system, and as such battles can take place anywhere.

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