Jan. 6th, 2011


Jan. 6th, 2011 05:25 am
This post, funnily enough, is for all of your plotting needs. At the beginning of every round there will be a comment with the names of the Players for that round, and space to match up Players and Weapons or organise battles. You can also use this post to plot other things unrelated to battling as well, if you don't want to use AIM or Plurk.

Include the following information when you comment on the individual round posts.:

For Battle Matchups

Also indicate whether you want to have a thread for the match, or if you're fine with just declaring the outcome.

For Players Seeking Weapons

For Weapons Seeking Players

Note: where these forms say "Weapon" or "Player" they are asking for the name of the character who is a Player or a Weapon for the round.

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