Jan. 21st, 2012

If you need to get hold of a mod for something, you have come to the right place. Your delightful mod crew of three span several time zones and you can usually find one or two of us online.

Comments are screened, and anonymous commenting is enabled.

If you have something you want to tell us or ask us to do something about that you might not be willing to bring up to us by any other means, this is where you can do it – whether it's a problem with the way the game is run, with a mod, with another player – any kind of feedback. Heck, if you want to say something nice we wouldn't mind that too much either, but obviously we anticipate the main use of this post will be for people to bring concerns and problems to the mods' attention.

While concerns raised in this post may be brought up outside it in efforts to correct them, no names of commenters will be named, even if they don't post anonymously.

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Since every Saturday (the arrival weekend, OOC) is a rest day, characters have no status as Player or Weapon and everyone is free to leave their campus on this day alone. One of the advantages of this is that they can get jobs around town. Each job pays 5 Raks for the day and gives bonuses in the form of employee discounts or free entry.

This post is to sign up for jobs. There are all sorts of shops, restaurants and theatres around town for characters to work in, as well as facilities like a gym and a library. Characters of any age can apply for jobs. Please state your character's full name, school and the job or place they're applying to. Jobs are completely optional, but a good way to earn some additional raks.

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