Mar. 11th, 2012

Since Rakuen can be a tad complicated when you're not used to it, and the Exaclan system even more so, Rakuen Revolution has a buddy system. Simply put, this means that players with a little more experience under their belts can show neulings the ropes.

This doesn't mean you can't grab any member of Rakuen Revolution for questioning, or even that you can't approach the mods at any time! We just understand that having one person you are practically obligated to flail at when confused can be reassuring.

If you want to receive a buddy of your very own when you join Rakuen Revolution, please answer yes when asked on your app.

On the other hand, if you've been here a while and want to volunteer to be a buddy, please comment here with your name, the characters you play (including their school), and your preferred method(s) of contact. We will contact you and send you in the direction of your new buddy when one becomes available.

When possible, we will make sure that veteran buddies have at least one character in the same school as the new character.

Current Buddies
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