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The main upgrade is known as a Power Ring. These items may be purchased at the shop for fifteen Raks each. They unlock one of the Weapon's powers as an upgrade; these are the five powers you selected during the application process, and can each be either Boost, Elemental, Condition or Ability upgrades. For example, X buys two Power Rings for Y, who was a pyrokinetic with high speed in battle. The Rings unlock 'fire-element damage' and 'Agility Boost'. The weapon of Y then has the option of bursting into flame during battles for increased burnosity, or increasing the Player's Agility stat.

Once activated, Power Rings can be traded to other Weapons, but their power is reduced when used by anyone besides their original owner. For example, a Durability boost ring might be reduced slightly when equipped by someone else. A ring left behind by a dropped character can be worn by anyone without the upgrade's power being weakened.

Note that only the Weapon's upgrades are considered in battle; any upgrades the Player is wearing are inactive. The only exception to this is an undead ring, which is active if worn by a Player or a Weapon.

Boost Upgrades

A metal band that fits itself to whichever finger you put it on. A symbol appears on it depending on what upgrade it has unlocked.
These Rings come in two flavours: upgrades for a Weapon's stats, and upgrades for the stats of the Player wielding it. The former is split into Durability, Offense and Defense, whilst the latter is divided into four: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Agility.

Durability: Essentially a Weapon's HP, this stat governs how much pain or damage the Weapon character can take before they lose consciousness.

Offense: The stat used for attacks, a weapon with a high offense stat can deal more raw damage. Attacks from an offensive weapon are therefore more painful.

Defense: The stat used for defending, this determines how easy a weapon is to damage or break. A Weapon with high defense takes less empathic damage if their weapon form is hit.

Strength: The stat governing the effectiveness of melee attacks, and how physically powerful a Player is. If a weapon is overly large or cumbersome, Strength Rings can make it easier for a Player to wield.

Dexterity: The stat governing the effectiveness of ranged attacks. Attacks with high Dexterity have bonuses to accuracy.

Vitality: This is to a Player what Durability is to their Weapon: their pain tolerance and ability to weather damage.

Agility: How fast a Player can move and react. Higher Agility boosts act as a haste or speed+ effect, as though the world surrounding the Player has slowed down.

Elemental Upgrades

A metal band that fits itself to whichever finger you put it on. It changes color and symbol depending on what upgrade it has unlocked.
There are an unreasonable number of elements within the Exaclan battle system, all of which can be added to a Weapon using Elemental Rings. Only one such Ring can be equipped by a single Weapon at any given time, however. The elements act as a lottery system within the game - each day, a new element is declared 'in power', and any Weapon with one of these elements equipped gains a damage boost. The day's current element in power can be seen on the sidebar of [community profile] rakuen.

Some elements are always weaker or stronger than others, and Players should think carefully before equipping their Weapons with an element.

They also look fairly awesome. True story.

Fire: Causes the weapon to emit a constant, bright flame. Weak against Water, strong against Wood.

Water: Causes the weapon to emit either a fine mist or occasional bursts of bubbles. Weak against Wood, strong against Fire.

Wood: Causes small plants and vines to grow around the handle or hilt of the weapon. Weak against Fire, strong against Water.

Wind: Creates a light breeze around the Player, concentrated on the weapon they're wielding. Weak against Electric, strong against Earth.

Electric: Causes the weapon to crackle with electricity. Weak against Earth, strong against Wind.

Earth: Causes showers of sand to fall from the weapon whenever it moves. Weak against Wind, strong against Electric.

Light: Causes the weapon to shine with a brilliant inner light. Both strong and weak against Dark, strong against undead characters.

Dark: Causes the weapon to absorb the light around it until the Player is wreathed in shadow. Both strong and weak against Light. Heals undead characters.

There are also upgrades providing resistance and immunity to certain elements. Resistance rings display the symbol of the element faded out, as though the opacity has been reduced to 50%. Immunity rings display the symbol of the element with a diagonal line striking through it.

Condition Upgrades

A metal band that fits itself to whichever finger you put it on. A symbol appears on it depending on what upgrade it has unlocked.
Status conditions are the black sheep of the upgrade family. Buried amongst the rules, most Players tend to forget they even exist until they're facing someone who worked out how to use them. A Weapon with a Condition Ring has a small chance of causing that negative effect with every connecting attack.

Poison: A poisoned Player feels like their body is being pierced by thousands of tiny burning needles. The pain starts out almost unnoticeable and builds up exponentially the longer the battle goes on.

Sleep: Does exactly what it says on the tin. A sleeping Player cannot act until woken by a physical blow from any battle participant.

Paralysis: Unlike sleep, paralysis doesn't remove the target's awareness, and only affects a limited area of the target's body, such as a limb or joint.

Confusion: Up is down and back is front. A confused Player cannot perceive directions, gravity or tell the difference between an ally and an enemy. The condition lasts thirty seconds or until the target receives a physical blow.

Blind: Again, obvious. A blinded Player loses their sight for two minutes.

Slow: Essentially drains a Player's Agility, giving the impression that they are suddenly moving through a world made of thick glue.

Weakness: Drains a Player's Vitality, making attacks more painful.

There are also upgrades which provide immunity to these effects, though they are relatively rare. Immunity rings display the symbol of the condition with a diagonal line striking through it.

Ability Upgrades

A metal band that fits itself to whichever finger you put it on. A symbol appears on it depending on what upgrade it has unlocked.
Abilities are a special power granted by the Weapon to the Player that don't fall under any of the other sections. There is no limit to the number of Abilities within the Exaclan system - if you think of one that isn't listed, ask a mod if you can have it anyway, and we'll add it!

Due to there being a ridiculous number of abilities, they have their own page.

Bonus Upgrades

These are items that don't exactly fit into the above categories of "upgrades", but that can still be equipped and that have an effect on characters and battles.

Memory Charm

A pearl-like pendant, about the size of a pea, attached to a thin silver-colored chain that fits itself to your wrist.

Forty Raks can be used to purchase a Memory Charm. These charms will randomly restore one of the ten memories the character lost upon arrival as long as they are wearing it. However, you cannot wear a charm you bought yourself: they can only be given to other people. So X could buy a Memory Charm and give it to Y, who would regain one of their memories, but for X to regain one of their own they would have to receive a charm from Y, Z, or W. This makes Memory Charms a highly effective bartering tool for Players looking for powerful Weapons to recruit during the pre-battle milling around.

A Memory Charm must be activated to unlock a memory; once active, it is permanently customised to that character and cannot be transferred. If you write down your restored memory and then remove the charm, the memory goes and reading the note sparks no recognition, though you may use the information on it.

Link Charm

A plain, thin necklace. Once you put it on, it sticks to your skin and cannot be taken off.

The second bonus item type is the Link Charm. These cost forty Raks; they come as matched sets, and symbolise an unbreakable bond. They can only be used if both characters agree to activate the Link, but cannot be deactivated once activated for the rest of the game (unless one of the Linked characters is dropped).

Their effects on the game: Players usually start a round with no Weapons. However, if you share a Link with another character, you will automatically belong to them at the beginning of each round, and vice versa. Weapons with a Link can still be won in battle, but they are weaker when not being wielded by their Link. If both Linked characters are weapons then they are considered a pair; vowing to one of them automatically means the other is owned. Winning one Linked character wins you both.

You can only Link with one person, so choose wisely. You cannot Discard your own Linked Weapon, and a Linked Weapon cannot become a Discard during a round in which their Link is a Player (they default to their Link whenever discarded). Because of the amount of trust it takes to enter into one of those Links, a Linked Weapon automatically shows the outbreak condition from the moment of Linking.

Links can be bought between people from different schools, though it is frowned upon ICly; this is very ambiguous in the Player Handbook and is something characters have to work out for themselves.

If a character who is part of a Link drops then the necklace of the remaining partner will un-stick from their neck, fall off and tarnish instantly. The memory and upgrade that the dropped character leaves behind will be on their Link partner's pillow.


A ring affected by a curse from beyond the grave...

Any character who is considered undead in their canon (a vampire, zombie, etc.) or who is apped into Rakuen from a post-death canonpoint has the Undead status. They are weak to Light-type attacks, absorb Dark-type attacks (that is, such attacks will heal them), and damaged by healing abilities like Cura or Regen. They don't need an upgrade for this; it's inherent in their nature.

Any character who dies while in Rakuen will find an upgrade ring on their bedside table when they reawaken. Putting this ring on grants them Undead status -- if the character was already Undead, it will have no extra effect. The Undead ring will only appear after a character's first death. Subsequent deaths will not yield an additional ring. They have no effect if worn by anyone but their original owner.

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pennypincher: (ilu!)

[personal profile] pennypincher 2012-02-25 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
Is there a maximum number of upgrades a Weapon can have equipped at once? They would only have their own five personalized upgrades, but what if they also wore a dropped character's upgrade, an Undead ring, a Pact ring, and/or a (weakened) borrowed upgrade?
pennypincher: (Come and get it)

[personal profile] pennypincher 2012-02-28 01:15 pm (UTC)(link)
IT DOES! And belatedly: Is that "on your left hand" assuming the character is right-handed, or is it "on your left hand" period? (And what if the character has no left hand?)

They can be switched whenever the character likes.

...Even during battle?
pennypincher: (Yesplz)

[personal profile] pennypincher 2012-02-28 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Darn, I thought I found a loophole there for a second. OH WELL, thanks for the answers!
traces: Dahlia Hawthorne (Default)

[personal profile] traces 2012-03-09 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
A further question!

Note that only the Weapon's upgrades are considered in battle; any upgrades the Player is wearing are inactive.

If a Player is wearing an Undead ring, will they still have Undead status? I'm assuming yes since it's a special kind of upgrade, but wanted to make sure.
stoatallymad: (Default)

[personal profile] stoatallymad 2012-03-15 05:00 pm (UTC)(link)
An ability suggestion, if I may? This is me trying to approximate canon stuff for Koizumi.

Energy orb: Collects a small non-elemental orb of energy which can be launched at the opposing Player. Recharge of 15 seconds.
fracturedsoul: (place on me the burden of the past)

[personal profile] fracturedsoul 2012-05-13 10:02 am (UTC)(link)
Clarification please! About memory charms: If you wear a memory charm somebody else has activated -- not a dropped one, but an ordinary one purchased from the store -- will you obtain that memory?
ferriedmemories: (Default)

[personal profile] ferriedmemories 2012-06-24 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
This may seem like an odd question, but...

Is it possible to take a resistance to an element, i.e. just a damage reduction from attacks with that element? For example, a weapon with Resist Electricity would take less damage from Electric attacks, but not have the other properties of the Earth element (which is the one that resists it).
justaflowergirl: Uncertain Yuka (Uncertain Yuka)

[personal profile] justaflowergirl 2012-07-28 05:44 pm (UTC)(link)
I noticed in the shop thread that Ein determined what an upgrade ring unlocked randomly. Is that how it normally works, or can you (ICly or OOCly) select which of your upgrades are unlocked?