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Sometimes, when a Player draws a weapon, a strange symbol appears around its tip for a few seconds. The symbol can be seen here -- it consists of several Javascript-like text boxes surrounding a star shape; in the middle of the star, the weapon's name (not the character's name, but the name you chose for their weapon form when apping) appears.

The reason for this mysterious symbol is, as yet, unknown in-character. The condition surrounding the appearance of the symbol is called the outbreak condition.

The outbreak condition is actually very simple: "We believe in each other." The symbol will appear only if it is drawn by a Player who the Weapon believes in with all their heart; however, the emotion must be reciprocated. That is, if Sora's weapon has the symbol when drawn by Koharu, then Koharu's weapon has a symbol when drawn by Sora. Note that this only applies to the first time the symbol appears! The outbreak condition only need be met once; once the symbol is present, it will appear every time the weapon is drawn, no matter who draws it.

Due to the nature of Link charms, when a weapon is drawn by the Player that the Weapon is Linked to, the outbreak symbol will automatically appear.

When a character has fully unlocked their weapon's upgrades and has reached the outbreak condition, they will become a prefect and gain extra privileges.

Characters are free to guess at the reason behind the symbol's appearance, but keep in mind:
  • All characters from Shitsurakuen have had any information regarding the outbreak condition removed as one of their ten lost memories.
  • From an in-character standpoint, there are many possibilities behind what the symbol could mean.
  • And most importantly, out-of-character knowledge does not equal in-character knowledge.
If you would like your character to correctly guess the outbreak condition, you must speak to a moderator to explain their logic and reasoning. Failure to do so may result in a forced retcon.

Weapons that have met the outbreak condition:

If your character meets the outbreak condition, please comment here so they can be added to the list.

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