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Upon arrival at Rakuen every resident has ten of their memories removed. These range from important memories (large chunks of their lives, the identities of friends and family members) to trivial things (what they ate for breakfast on September 4, 2009) to patently ridiculous common sense knowledge (decorative fruit centerpieces are not to be eaten, gravity always pulls downward). The introduction video that every student watches explains the reason for this: Since memories cost Raks to regain and Raks are earned by fighting, in this manner students are encouraged to fight one another.

Other things that are not quite memories, but which are similar (such as an alternate personality's manifestation) may also be lost, but it is not required that they must be. It's simply an option.

Characters applying from Shitsurakuen have a specific memory they must lose; please talk to a mod before you submit an app for a character from this series.

Fortunately, memories can be regained through the use of Memory Charm upgrades. Of course, to purchase the upgrades, one needs to participate in Exaclan to obtain Raks. Memory Charms can be purchased at the Exaclan store run by Recette.

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