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There are two school wide network systems, which cannot be accessed by members of the other campus unless they are very good at hacking. There is also a city wide network which cannot be accessed by Discards. Please use the !!online - fortitude, !!online - conquest or !!online - rakuen tags, depending on which network your character is posting on.


These are an entirely optional method of communication. You can purchase a PDA with text functions for fifteen (15) Raks at the shop, and it can be upgraded with voice and video for an additional ten (10) Raks. Therefore a fully-functional PDA costs 25 Raks. In addition, decorative skins for your PDAs can be purchased at various shops around town for around 2 to 5 raks.

They allow a character to Contact other PDAs privately through messages and conversations, receive live battle feeds from the Exaclan network, track the location of their Weapons via limited GPS (only available to Players), and post to the Exaclan forum.


The Exaclan forums on each network are for posting queries, announcements and advertisements for other students. There are three forums: Game Help, Notices and Seeking.... The latter is the only computer function that Discards are able to access.

You can post to the forums from any of the computers on-campus, provided you are a Player or have permission to log in. The Exaclan live broadcast displays a list of active posts in the lower-right corner of the screen, with the subject line, date and time, and the name of the poster.

You can't make video or voice posts directly in the forums, but you can embed clips or webcam footage, or record a voice post and upload it. Battle footage is available for stream and download via the 'View Previous Battles' option on the desktop, and there is basic video- and audio-editing software installed on all computers.


For those students who aren't particularly inclined to use computers - or for Discards, who for the most part have no choice in the matter - there are large cork noticeboards in the common rooms of each dormitory, each with a supply of pins and a pen on a string.

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