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On a small island town isolated within the flow of worlds, two schools wage a constant war to produce the ultimate weapon. A self-sustaining system, the town creates NPCs to populate its buildings and run its facilities, but looks outside itself, into the chaos of the multiverse, for its raw materials. Rakuen draws its population indiscriminately from every conceivable world with intelligent humanoid inhabitants, and some without. Shuttled in via train every weekend, their powers sealed within themselves in the form of spiritual weapons, characters awaken with little memory of the journey or their reasons for enrolling in one of the two schools - though, inevitably, they can recall agreeing to do so if they strain themselves.

Rakuen seals many things to draw out its inhabitants' true potential. The first is their abilities. The second is fragments of their memories and personality, which they must earn back by participating in the tournaments and skirmishes of the system known as Exaclan.

Exaclan, as anyone can find out with a few well-placed questions, is a virtual battle system layered over Rakuen that allows warriors to fight indefinitely without inflicting real damage - only the pain of the blows remains. To operate Exaclan, the system of Rakuen selects a number of its inhabitants to be the active warriors, the operators - or, as they are known in colloquial terms, the Players - and relegates the remaining majority to be their passive supply of Weapons, whose role is to serve and obey their particular Player. Players use a glove keyed into the virtual programming to draw a virtual facsimile of these passive characters' inner weapon, which they use to battle.

In RP terms, Rakuen Revolution is a reasonably small, medium-paced battle school game with memory loss and power alteration elements. It requires a basic monthly activity check. It is organised to optimise CR whilst allowing for player-run plots and schemes within a larger framework. While it doesn't have an active plot, there is an overarching target (the endgame) at which all characters can aim, and miniplots are held fortnightly with the potential for crack or alternate plots should players wish to trigger them.

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Upon arrival at Rakuen every resident has ten of their memories removed. These range from important memories (large chunks of their lives, the identities of friends and family members) to trivial things (what they ate for breakfast on September 4, 2009) to patently ridiculous common sense knowledge (decorative fruit centerpieces are not to be eaten, gravity always pulls downward). The introduction video that every student watches explains the reason for this: Since memories cost Raks to regain and Raks are earned by fighting, in this manner students are encouraged to fight one another.

Other things that are not quite memories, but which are similar (such as an alternate personality's manifestation) may also be lost, but it is not required that they must be. It's simply an option.

Characters applying from Shitsurakuen have a specific memory they must lose; please talk to a mod before you submit an app for a character from this series.

Fortunately, memories can be regained through the use of Memory Charm upgrades. Of course, to purchase the upgrades, one needs to participate in Exaclan to obtain Raks. Memory Charms can be purchased at the Exaclan store run by Recette.

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There are two school wide network systems, which cannot be accessed by members of the other campus unless they are very good at hacking. There is also a city wide network which cannot be accessed by Discards. Please use the !!online - fortitude, !!online - conquest or !!online - rakuen tags, depending on which network your character is posting on.

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Rakuen is essentially a small university town, at least superficially. It is situated on an island, with the only operational way onto said island being a steam-train that makes no return trips. In the town proper there are two school campuses -- one near the station, named Conquest, and Fortitude on the opposite side of the town. The centrepiece of the town is its large arena, in which more formal battles and tournaments are held, but it also boasts a small woodland in which numerous pavilions and small clearings are concealed, as well as a lake, a mercantile quarter and a mysterious mansion.

A number of small businesses that sell mundane items such as clothing or food are arranged in a square in the north of the town, included in which is the Exaclan shop, Rakettear. Scattered through Rakuen are six identical towers. The city itself is surrounded by a wall, behind which are alternating small cliffs and rocky beaches.

The entire area is coated in layers of tactile empathic holographics, all geared towards the battle system, and as such battles can take place anywhere.

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To be added to this page, comment with your character's name and where you'd like them to go (dorm, room code). This is your OOC choice, not their IC choice. If you have no preference, just say that and we'll pick for you!

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To be added to this page, comment with your character's name and where you'd like them to go (dorm, room code). This is your OOC choice, not their IC choice. If you have no preference, just say that and we'll pick for you!

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Exaclan is the name of the battle system used in the City of Rakuen. It is a tactile holographic virtual reality system that covers the entire city, allowing for such things as pulling weapons out of people's chests and fighting deadly battles without danger. Anything that happens in Exaclan is "real", i.e. it really happens, but battles using Weapons that do not cause physical damage (though they still cause very real pain).

At first glance, Exaclan seems like a very complicated game. And in fact, it is. For the characters, that is. The basics of it, however, are rather simple.

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Dec. 5th, 2010 04:47 am
During their train ride to Rakuen, characters will briefly fall asleep and experience an incredibly lucid, if bizarre, dream in which a disembodied voice guides them through a variety of simple challenges such as walking in a straight line or looking up and then down. This is the tutorial. Its purpose is to teach each character the basics of the world they're about to arrive in.

Upon waking, no one will be able to remember anything beyond vague impressions and dislocated words, but they will be able to recognise the shop, draw a weapon from a partner, and remember the absolute basics of the Upgrade system.

A character will also remember what their weapon looks like; its name; and its full capabilities. That is, they will have drawn their own weapon during the tutorial in its fully unlocked state. Whilst they won't know what upgrades it has specifically, they will have some idea what its capabilities are and what it can do.

Writing out a tutorial is not obligatory as it is assumed all characters have had the dream before they arrive, but we recommend at least looking through past tutorials to get yourself used to the system. Below is the basic scenario which may be rewritten for your individual character and their reactions. If you wish you can contact others who are apping at the same time as you and join up as a party for the tutorial.

This can be used as the prose sample of your app if you wish. Please post finished tutorials here and they will be archived.

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