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Applications are currently closed.
Note about the application process

On this page we will be posting our acceptances/rejections. For revisions, we prefer to come and find you on the contact information you have provided. This is so that instead of just a post, you have one of the mods to talk to in case of questions so things move smoother. Revisions might be for anything from weapon mechanics to wanting a little bit more information. For small changes (such as changing the wording of abilities for example) we will probably just accept you and ask you to quickly change that. So if you haven't got a reply and people below you have, don't panic! We are probably waiting for you to be available to discuss things with. If you notice before we have found you, please come and grab us!


Contact information: Email, AIM, Plurk or something we can use to get in touch with you.
Other characters:
Do you want a buddy?


Name: In Western order (given name first), please!
Subject taught: Characters over the age of 18 are teachers. Please include the subject they will teach: Anything from Maths to History of Summoning Demons. It can be a standard school class, or something specific to their world. Characters 18 years and younger are students.
Canon: Include a link to a wiki article or website about your character's canon. For AUs and OCs, this is your place to elaborate on your character's background
Canon point:

Two to three decent-sized paragraphs on your character's personality, motivations, behaviors, and other important things we should know about them.

Name: Check the list of weapon names to make sure your choice isn't taken! Or to get some inspiration from previous characters.

Form: The physical form the weapon takes -- sword, axe, bow, machine gun, etc.

Upgrades: Include five specialized upgrades for your character's weapon. Please make sure you have a mix of status upgrades (elemental or stat boosts) and abilities.

Lost memories:
You need ten of these. No more, no less. They can be anything from an entire year of the character's life to remembering how to make a cheese sandwich, and should have a mix of important and trivial memories. There are suggestions here for anyone who is stuck!

A medium-length journal entry or action sample. Links to posts in dear_mun or other RPs are okay too.

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Name: Dassa
Journal: lil_rebbitzen
Contact information: lilrebbitzen (aim)
Other characters: none
Do you need an invite code? No


Name: Nephenee
Age: 21
Subject taught: Gardening/Farming
Canon: Fire Emblem
Canon point: After Radiant Dawn

Shy, dependable, strong: such words undoubtedly describe Nephenee. Originally, she was even more softspoken for fear of being mocked for her strong Southern accent, but in the intervening time, she gained quite a bit of confidence in her speech as she strives to become more refined. This was helped not only by fighting alongside people from far away that didn’t ridicule her for her accent, but also by her friends Brom and Calill, who once was from the country herself. Seeing Calill’s refined mannerisms gave Nephenee the drive to work on herself. After all, if Calill could do it, why couldn’t she?
By the time Radiant Dawn rolls around, it’s apparent she has gained quite a bit of confidence in herself, both on the battlefield -her lance impaling the enemy easily, though she gains no pleasure from killing- and off. It’s safe to say, though, that while she has come a long way from the quiet young lady she was in Path of Radiance, she is in no danger of over-confidence any time soon. She still hides her face often, whether with a helmet, or perhaps a hat. Tilling the land, they say, builds strength of character, and being the main worker and helping her mother take care of the family has made Nephenee strong and reliable. Quick to help her friends and family, she will defend them at a moment’s notice. Though it’s not to say she enjoys fighting, but she knows it is needed at times. She is a calm individual, and rarely complains; while Brom complained about the hardships of marches and army rations, she merely shrugged and tells him they will get used to it. Strong of will and brave, she refused to give in to despair during their imprisonment, and was ready to fight shortly after being rescued. This seems to reflect her positive attitude a bit, and she easily reassures those she calls friend, which, despite her introversion, she seems to make quickly. And despite what it seems, she is far from stupid, quickly figuring what to do in battle and practical things. She is a bit ignorant and naive though, having little or no official schooling. She’s just a simple girl who has farmed for her livelihood, after all.

Name: Ohma
Form: A custom spear with a wooden handle, a ribbon on said handle.
Shield form: Shield

  • Transformation sequence
  • Form Change: Shield (left one)
  • Regen
  • Protect
  • Unbreakable Will

Lost memories:
  • The name of her parents
  • That her father is dead
  • The name of her siblings
  • The whole first war she fought in
  • How to cook stew
  • That Callil is from the country too
  • That she has a crush on Ike, also his name.
  • how to fertilize plants.
  • What an eggplant is
  • How to read


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Re: Accepted!

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*u*(\ Awesome~