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Applications are currently closed.
Note about the application process

On this page we will be posting our acceptances/rejections. For revisions, we prefer to come and find you on the contact information you have provided. This is so that instead of just a post, you have one of the mods to talk to in case of questions so things move smoother. Revisions might be for anything from weapon mechanics to wanting a little bit more information. For small changes (such as changing the wording of abilities for example) we will probably just accept you and ask you to quickly change that. So if you haven't got a reply and people below you have, don't panic! We are probably waiting for you to be available to discuss things with. If you notice before we have found you, please come and grab us!


Contact information: Email, AIM, Plurk or something we can use to get in touch with you.
Other characters:
Do you want a buddy?


Name: In Western order (given name first), please!
Subject taught: Characters over the age of 18 are teachers. Please include the subject they will teach: Anything from Maths to History of Summoning Demons. It can be a standard school class, or something specific to their world. Characters 18 years and younger are students.
Canon: Include a link to a wiki article or website about your character's canon. For AUs and OCs, this is your place to elaborate on your character's background
Canon point:

Two to three decent-sized paragraphs on your character's personality, motivations, behaviors, and other important things we should know about them.

Name: Check the list of weapon names to make sure your choice isn't taken! Or to get some inspiration from previous characters.

Form: The physical form the weapon takes -- sword, axe, bow, machine gun, etc.

Upgrades: Include five specialized upgrades for your character's weapon. Please make sure you have a mix of status upgrades (elemental or stat boosts) and abilities.

Lost memories:
You need ten of these. No more, no less. They can be anything from an entire year of the character's life to remembering how to make a cheese sandwich, and should have a mix of important and trivial memories. There are suggestions here for anyone who is stuck!

A medium-length journal entry or action sample. Links to posts in dear_mun or other RPs are okay too.

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Sample App 1

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Sample App 2

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--put your info here--
Contact information: [AIM]
Other characters:
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Name: Dolorosa
Age: unknown, about 15 sweeps or 30ish years old?
Canon: CANON
Canon point: Post Death
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It is important to note that Dolorosa is genetically matched up to Kanaya Maryam, she is Kanaya’s ancestor and they share the same blood color, sign, and general temperament but they are different people. While their character types may be similar, they have lived different lives and experienced different things, not to mention Dolorosa is significantly older and would therefore have a different view on the world than Kanaya, so their personalities do not match up one to one.

As a jade blooded troll it is Dolorosa’s duty to attend to the Mother Grub (the one who hatches all of the children, or grubs), that job is a great honor and she took it very seriously. The position required both strength, something that most if not all trolls have, and a peaceful, non-judging nature. Since the Mother Grub hatches those of all blood colors, high and low, Dolorosa couldn’t be as classist as many of the adult trolls are. She took care of all she could despite their blood color not only because it was expected of her but because she actually did care about those she attended to. While trolls don’t have mothers, Dolorosa was really a mother figure even if the young grubs would not remember her later on in life.

Since trolls are essentially a warrior/conquerer race, they are expected to have a powerful disposition, and at first glance Dolorosa doesn’t fit into that archetype at all. She has a peaceful nature and is a very gentle person overall. But don’t let that fool you, she is after all a troll with a very important position. She is fully capable of putting up a fight and defending herself if the need arises, and it often does. Taking care of a Mother Grub is risky business so she often had to fight other trolls off to protect the Mother and the grubs she was hatching. She held this position for a rather long time, but something changed that.

While running an errand for the Mother Grub she found the young Signless, she knew that he would not be chosen by a lusus (a guardian) because of his mutant red blood color, but Dolorosa sensed something special in him. She felt it was her purpose to raise and take care of him and she could not let the opportunity slip her by. She followed her instinct and took in the young grub, abandoning her position. Dolorosa has very good instincts and following them often pays off. Only someone like herself, peaceful and gentle, could properly raise a grub into maturity, but it was still a difficult job not without its own trials. Her actions show how selfless she really is, leaving the Mother is something completely unheard of and even dangerous. One cannot just walk away from such a role, but she did without hesitation to fulfill some greater destiny.

Dolorosa is essentially a Virgin Mary figure, chosen to raise the one who would become the prophet and attempt to bring about a significant change to the world. It was no accident that she was chosen for this task. Although life was difficult she never doubted what she was doing, she kept her faith. She advocated for peace just as much as Signless and the other disciples did. In religious terms Dolorosa means Our Lady of Sorrows, the Sorrowful Mother, or Mother of Sorrows, which aptly describes her character. By accepting her destiny she signed up for a life full of tragedies but that never effects her faith. It is unwavering. Even as Signless, the one she raised as her son is killed, even as Ψiioniic is enslaved by Condesce, and even as Disciple exile she believed that she was fighting for the good of all trolls and no hardship would shake her beliefs.

Being a follower of Signless meant that she had to be punished, this punishment affected her character in a drastic way. In all aspects Dolorosa was a strong, proud woman who stood up for what she believed in. But after the death of Signless and the supposed disbandment of his believers, Dolorosa was sold into slavery and became property. She was first owned by Orphaner Dualscar then stolen by Marquise Spinneret Mindfang where she was essentially broken.

At first she tried to adapt to the situation, be submissive and lay low, but that could only work so much, especially with Mindfang as an owner. Mindfang used her mind control powers to force Dolorosa to perform sexual acts with her, and only thing that prevented Dolorosa from breaking was her faith, faith that the next Signless would soon appear (a prophecy from the original Signless). Dolorosa spent a lot of time fighting against Mindfang's mental hold on her, but she eventually became complacent - saving her strength and waiting it out.

Part of the reason Mindfang took to her was because of how Dolorosa acted. She did eventually submit to her, but not without trying to be a challenge. There was a feistiness in her that kept Mindfang from getting bored with her and having her killed. Dolorosa didn’t act like that just to keep herself alive, she is not the type of person who would just roll over when someone wants her to. She can assess the situation and know how much she can push and how much she must take.

According to Mindfang's journal red feelings blossomed between Mindfang and Dolorosa. It is unlikely that they were true romantic feelings, at least on the side of Dolorosa. If Mindfang showed interest in Dolorosa, she would have played along with them, feigning her own feelings. On the other hand, it is likely that Dolorosa had a form of Stockholm Syndrome where her feelings stemmed from the fact her survival depended on Mindfang’s mood.

Dolorosa lived her whole life being true to herself and her beliefs. She lived an eventful life with many ups and downs but she kept her faith until her very last day where she was assassinated by a jealous Dualscar. Although it was not easy, she does not wish she had a simpler life nor does she wish her experiences onto others.

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Sample App 3

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Sample App 4

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Sample App 6

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Name: Elle
Journal: [personal profile] evildoers
Contact information: [AIM] Got Materia [Plurk] evildoers


Name: Recette Lemongrass
Age: 13
Canon: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
Canon point: Day 37, loop 5 or something.

Recette is a ditz-type thirteen-year-old in a generic JRPG who ends up a pretty decent shopkeeper when all's said and done.

Oh, you need more than that. Fine.

Recette is still a ditz. She's chirpy and airheaded and tends to good-naturedly whine or joke in equal amounts with friends and strangers alike. She befriends all and sundry, whether they like it or not, and no matter how frustrating someone might be, she'll still help them at the drop of a hat or invite them back to her shop any time. This extends to secretive, alcoholic thieves, snooty magical brats and even towering dark demon lords met in the town square at night. The customer isn't always right, but they're definitely always welcome.

She's been through some serious hardships, living alone and with the threat of being evicted onto the streets at any moment should she not pay back her father's debts, but you'd never know it to look at her. Her disposition remains eternally sunny, and her sincerity and joy shine through every second of the day. She's not exactly a complex person, really. She learns well and aims to please, with a middling intelligence and a good memory, but she's childish and immature (as expected of a child her age) and prone to flights of fancy. Even so, she can sometimes appear to be more mature than she really is, with moments of startling insight amongst her childish exclamations and obsession with sweets.
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Name: Tear

Form: Mace

  • Rules Lawyer
  • Light Element
  • Durability Boost
  • Defense Boost
  • Forcefield

Lost memories:
  • the base price of walnut bread
  • her underwhelming reunion with her father
  • the names of her adventurer friends
  • that you buy the best doughnuts in town from a butcher's
  • how to wash your face
  • her father's name
  • that Tear is/was a loan shark
  • how to fuse items
  • how to greet customers
  • that you buy low and sell high

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Lithuania | Axis Powers Hetalia | Reserved

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Name: Tally
Journal: [personal profile] blnktfrt
Contact information: [AIM] blanketfrt [PLURK] blnktfrt
Other characters: None
Do you need an invite code? No
Can you be a player this round? I can if there aren't enough volunteers without me, but if there are enough, I'd rather let others have a go first.


Name: Rebecca Harcourt
Age: 15
Subject taught: N/A
World Information: The thing with Becca's background is that she's from a world that might as well be the real world. Her 'background' is outside your window, as it were. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, just as it is if you were to go and visit it right here in reality. The only difference is that Becca was born with the ability to see the future. A quick google search here in the real world reveals countless people who believe that they can as well, though, so perhaps it isn't any different to the real world at all. But that depends on whether or not you believe in psychic powers--certainly a lot of people put stock in such things even in the real world.

Becca lives on the near north side of Indianapolis--an area that was once the creme de la creme of the city, but now is run down and little better than a ghetto. The income in that area is very low, and many of the houses are actually in very poor repair. Most of the people in the area live below the poverty line. As such, they are a very mistrustful bunch--everyone keeps to their own business and expects the same of others.

Becca's school was more close-knit than her community outside of school, though that is a statement of degrees--neither were particularly tightly woven. The school itself was almost the archetypal downtown low-achievement school. Arsenal Technical High School had more drug dealers than scholars, and it wasn't uncommon to find used condoms on the track or behind the buildings. This was despite the fact that Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) preached abstinence-only education, in line with the heavily religious feelings of the community around the schools and the voting public. Though technically religion was supposed to have no place in the public school system, one would be hard pressed to find a classroom without a Bible, and if the teachers didn't provide, the other students would.

History: Becca was born in 1995 in Wishard hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Her parents were happily married, and her father worked in one of the lumber yards on the near north side. He was killed in a workrelated accident in early 1998, when Becca's mother was a few months pregnant. She held herself together just long enough to attend to the funeral and give birth to a healthy baby boy, named Alexander. Although the death of her father had earned the family a stipend from Workman's Compensation, live was not easy for the Harcourt family.

Workman's Compensation paid out the full $7500 for Becca's father's funeral. Most of that was spent on a large, ornate headstone, which Becca nicknamed her 'expensive chair' due to her habit of going to the graveyard and sitting on his headstone while she was skipping school. (Given that her mother spent most of her time at home, Becca prefers to be out of the house as much as possible.) After that, Becca's family was entitled to 2/3rds of her father's income for 500 weeks, which lasted until the time Becca was a little over twelve. As such, her mother did not need to take on a second job, and simply held onto the one that she had prior to her husband's death. However, the evenings were spent missing her husband and stressing out about having to raise two children by herself. She turned to alcohol, and was eventually fired from her job for poor performance from coming in hungover. After that, the family tried to manage simply on the Workman's Compensation payments, which did not go far with a house mortgage and two children. Especially since quite a bit of it was also being spent on vodka.

When the 500 weeks of compensation ran out, Becca's mother was forced to find another job. By that point, however, alcohol had destroyed her life. Though she managed to secure jobs occasionally, she was soon fired. Money was hard to come by after that point, but there was just enough to keep the mortgage paid. There have been times where the electricity or the water was shut off, or the heating in winter.

Becca started having visions when she was three, though she only remembers that she was 'very young'--she can't place how old she was. She told her mother when she started seeing things that were strange, but her mother was already on her way to alcoholism by that point and told Becca to go play by herself and not bother her.

If her mother hadn't been halfway into the proverbial bottle, she might have noticed that Becca's strange drawings always depicted events that would come to pass. Unfortunately, as some bad parents do, she refused to nurture Becca, and instead called her an attention seeker, a trouble maker, and a bad girl. Thus, she was taught that showing her drawings to adults only got her into trouble.

She was five when she first started having visions about her own death, and at first she simply put off trying to get a way around it--eighteen years old might as well be a hundred years away when you're five. They did frighten her. After her friend's death when she was seven, Becca decided instead to not try to change it, but rather be grateful that she had some advance warning so she could plan ahead and prepare for her death. Most of that consisted of making sure Alex was prepared for her death and knew how to take care of himself.

After having a vision in which a friend of hers would die in a fire at their home, she invited that friend to her house for a sleepover. She hadn't asked her mother's permission, nor her friend's parents' permission, and her friend was sent home, where she died in the blaze that night. That was the last time Becca bothered trying to change the future--life experiences had taught her that trying only got her in trouble and the vision would come true anyway.

By the time she was seven, their mother started forgetting to cook for them, first one or two nights a week, then more. Becca got into the habit of making cereal for herself and Alex on those nights, and she noticed that it made him very happy that his sister was making food for him instead of letting him go hungry. It made her feel good that her brother recognised her efforts and praised her for taking care of him, so as their mother started doing less and less, Becca started doing more and more. It had very little to do with being self-sacrificing genuinely, and everything to do with the fact that she liked the positive attention that her brother gave her. Eventually, she noticed that if she 'let it slip' to adults that she was taking care of her brother, it earned her more positive attention.

In that way, Becca got into the habit of taking care of Alex more or less on her own, stealing money out of her mother's wage packets to pay for groceries, and otherwise tending to the house. By the time she was fifteen, she was quite established as Alex's maternal figure, regardless of their biological mother's abusive presence in their lives. Part of his willingness to accept her as such, however, is fed by the fact that Alex is not mentally stable in the first place. He is outright obsessive about Becca, seeing her as a goddess figure. Alex himself grows up to be a serial killer who targets girls that look like Becca did, and he has a very creepy shrine to her in his house.

Of course, all these preparations, not to mention spending so many hours a day drawing out her visions...left very little time for school or other things that most 'normal' people would consider important. Armed with the knowledge that she wouldn't live long enough to make use of her schooling, she simply decided school and other things just weren't on her list of priorities. She instead channelled all of her energy into making sure her revenge against the world would go as planned--making sure Alex's life would be a good one, going without food to make sure he ate enough, giving him everything he would need to have a happy life, even her own winter coat lest he get cold.

By the time she was school aged, the secrecy around what she saw and what she drew was ingrained and second nature, after too many lectures about being an attention seeker from her mother. She didn't bother trying to tell her teachers, fearing that she would only get into more trouble. As a lone child against the world, there wasn't much she could do to change her visions on her own.

She has some scars from when cigarettes were put out on her arms by her mother, and bruises from being knocked around, but as she wears long sleeves all the time, no one ever noticed. And where was child protective services in all of this? Simply put, Becca had heard plenty of tales of siblings being split up to be housed better, and despite how much she at times resented Alex, she wasn't willing to be parted from him. Rather than report her mother for the abusive and neglectful alcoholic she was and risk having Alex taken away from her, she chose to do her best for keeping him safe from their mother without help.

All the while, she also filled a lot of notebooks with drawings; many of them simply morbid imaginings, but a large proportion of them were accurately recorded visions of the future. Her parting gift to Alex, just before her death, was the key to the locking closet she kept these notebooks in.

Her death itself is a twofold affair--there is what visibly appears to be the cause of it, which Becca believes is what kills her, and then there is the actual truth of the matter. Becca's visions are hell on her heart, causing her to pass out, even causing her heart to stop briefly at times. Eventually, when she has a fit, her heart stops and does not start itself again. This is the true cause of Becca's death, however, she cannot actually see her heart stopping. What Becca sees is the fact that, coincidentally, she was sitting on a bridge over the White River, when suddenly she topples over the railing and into the water.

Becca believes that she will drown, which is a spectacularly stupid guess, given how shallow the White River is. However, Becca has always taken her visions as literal, and very rarely invests much critical thinking into the hows and whys behind them. This is a self-defense mechanism, in that the less time she spends thinking about her visions, the less time she has to deal with the harsh realities behind them or the moral quandaries of what she might be obligated to do with the foreknowledge she has.
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Becca's visions have become one of the foundations of her world--the sun rises in the East, sets in the West, and before she turns nineteen, she will die, drowned in the river that runs through the city she lives in. Although it's a wasteful, avoidable death, Becca does not believe that she has the power to change her visions of the future, and as such accepts it as fact without ever really questioning it. Part of her is afraid to try, that if she does somehow manage to live past the appointed hour, fate will come after her and give her a far more painful, horrifying death. Although she is wrong, Becca thinks drowning looks peaceful, to simply slip under the water and sleep there. She doesn't want to risk a more painful end.

The defining point of Becca's life, according to Becca, is her selfless devotion to her brother and his happiness. However, this is a front that she puts up--truly, he is a pawn in an elaborate revenge scheme against the world, to tug at the heartstrings of the people she sees as having abandoned her to her cruel fate. Not only is it not going to work, it's completely ridiculous. However, Becca doesn't realise that. She devotes herself to her plan singularly, and in so doing, she ruins her chances of actually helping herself.

She knew she would be dying young, and since she didn't believe she would be able to stop herself from dying, she decided instead to set up the sort of remembrance she wanted to have at her funeral. In the grand scheme of things, as human beings that's all we can do with our lives, to think about the sort of people we want to be remembered as and then choose to act that way; but Becca chose that path not out of nobility but out of a skewed sort of self-pity.

Her life was miserable, and she believed because of her visions that she was doomed to never improve her lot, so she decided to instead try to be a saint not because she believed in it, not because it was the right thing to do, but because it was the only way she had (or at least, that she was aware of having) to stab back at the world that had dealt her so many lemons--to live such a virtuous life that those people who had refused to assist her in life would feel miserable on finding out that she'd died when they could have helped her. Ironically, they would have helped her if she hadn't hidden everything from them and had actually asked for help.

Needless to say, Becca is very passive aggressive when she's not so stressed that she openly snaps at people. As much as she hates that she's doomed to die, and as much as she wishes she could rebel against it...she's also somewhat looking forward to it. She's trapped herself into giving up a lot of things that she wouldn't have otherwise wanted to give up, acting that way because she has to for the sake of her master plan to get back at the world. As much as she loves Alex, she also resents him for the pain she's endured for his sake.

She has a smart mouth when she's comfortable with people, though at that point it's teasing jibes rather than true snappishness. She tends to show affection to those other than her brother by joking with them. Alex can't really take a joke, though, so she smothers him in sweetness and sugar and only very rarely teases.

Becca believes she is a good person, despite all of her flaws. She tries to hold herself to what she believes is 'good' morality, but her understanding of morality is very immature and under-developed. She never really had to think on morals much, and that which is good for her is generally good enough for her own thoughts and opinions. She believes lying is bad unless it's for a good cause (such as lying about her life at home for the sake of staying with Alex). She dislikes hypocrites and those she judges to be unreliable, as those are moral failings in her eyes.

Becca is also quite naive. She thinks she is unwilling to trust people, but people can 'earn' her trust for very little. It doesn't take much at all for her to decide they're good enough to trust with most things, the only exception being the tale of what actually goes on at home. She has no problem getting into cars with strangers, for example. Mostly that stems from the fact that she can see the future--she knows she won't get into serious trouble, and she thinks no one can hurt her.

Name: Imagination

Form: A pencil. Durability 1.

  • Sacrificial Doll
  • Clear Mind
  • Galdr Sorrow
  • Fire
  • Form Change - Becomes a sword.

Lost memories:
  • 1. How to draw.
  • 2. How she got the scars on her arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • 3. Her father's death.
  • 4. That she has powers back home.
  • 5. How to cook.
  • 6. Alex's favourite TV show.
  • 7. That teachers are scary.
  • 8. That she skipped school all the time back home.
  • 9. Her impending death.
  • 10. Alex's name and face (but not his importance to her).


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Open to Homura being a player in the first round!


Name: seki
Journal: [personal profile] hurtbreak
Contact information: [AIM] seven idiots
Other characters: n/a
Do you need an invite code? nope


Name: Homura Akemi
Age: 14
Canon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Canon point: Mid-ep 11; before she sets up to fight Walpurgisnacht.

Once upon a time, there was a young sick girl with no self worth. She had no particular talents, nothing that made her stand out from her peers. She was awkward through and through, from the way she spoke to the way she moved to the way she interacted with other people. She was shy, she was afraid.

She had very little before two of her classmates saved her from a certain death. After that, she had friends, and quickly became dependant on them; one of them in particular, Madoka Kaname, became someone important and very special to her. So special that what she felt for her might even be called love. She admired both of these girls for their fearlessness, and how they embodied everything she was not. They were stylish, special, helpful and brave; intelligent and kind; beautiful and graceful.

But the Walpurgisnacht came. They both died, leaving her as the powerless watcher on. Over the dead body of the girl she loved, Homura was offered a miracle. A miracle she clasped with both hands and took not for herself, but for the dead girl in front of her. She wished to re-do the meeting with this person, this time as someone with the same magical power her two friends had; someone with the ability to change fate, someone with strength.

And so it went.

Homura woke up in the hospital room the day before she was to transfer to the school her friends went to. Her wish had become reality, and she was able to redo her meeting. But it came to the same conclusion: she was unable to protect Madoka. This continued. Every time she failed, Homura would try again; each and every time she learned something new, and every time her heart was gradually ripped to tiny shreds as she watched her friends die.

No matter what she did, it would come to nothing. She ends up shooting Madoka to prevent her from turning into a monster. Killing the person she loves with her own hands, that triggers a change in her.

"No one believes in the future. No one can accept the future."

Gone is the awkward girl of the past. Gone are the insecurities and the doubt and the fear. Using magic to heal her flawed eyesight and letting her long hair flow loose, Homura realizes that she cannot save Madoka as she is now. Homura must completely remake herself to save her. She becomes the opposite of everything she was once before. Jaded and icy, distant and aloof. Graceful and intelligent, fearless and brave. She becomes everything she once admired in the girls Mami Tomoe and Madoka herself.

But with one crucial difference: she goes it alone.

There is one truth in her world and that is she can rely on no one but herself. She cannot rely on others. Her own integrity and strength is what will change everything, and she cuts no corners and beats around no bush in order to get the job done. What other people think is of no importance, so long as it does not get in the way of her goal. But despite her icy exterior, Homura is very human. She steels herself to do what she must, feeling pain and suffering as anyone else would. She is tragic, sad, and lonely; but she believes this is the only way.

"Repeat. I'll repeat it no matter how many times. I'll live through the same events again and again. Until I can find the only way out. The way to save you from despair."

Homura Akemi embodies one thing, and one thing only: purpose.

Name: Faust

Form: A shield, though bigger than it is normally-- any average sized person can fit behind it. It is heavy.

  • +8 Defense
  • +5 Durability
  • Heart Freeze: The opposing Player is unable to move for five seconds when this ability is activated; however, when activated this ability places a large amount of pain on the Weapon of the Player using it.
  • Red String: If the Weapon and Player have mutual strong feelings for one another all stats are boosted.
  • Sacrificial Doll: Half of the damage dealt to the Player goes to the Weapon instead.

Lost memories:
  • 1 - Madoka's voice.
  • 2 - How her abilities work-- the time limit on turning back time, how to wind her shield back, etc.
  • 3 - How to fire a handgun.
  • 4 - That she once wore glasses.
  • 5 - The taste of rice.
  • 6 - How it feels to pet a cat.
  • 7 - Madoka's initial wish in the first timeline.
  • 8 - How to tell when it's about to rain.
  • 9 - That Mami is dead in the present timeline.
  • 10 - What it feels like to transform into her magical girl outfit.


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Re: Accepted!

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Dahlia Hawthorne | Ace Attorney | Reserved

[personal profile] zaluzianskya 2012-01-03 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Pretentious canon quote goes here

I am okay with Dahlia being a Player for the first round.

Re: Accepted!

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Golbez | Final Fantasy IV | Also reserved

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Re: Accepted!

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Gino Weinberg | Code Geass

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Name: Elle
Journal: [personal profile] evildoers
Contact information: [AIM] Got Materia [Plurk] evildoers
Other characters: Nanami and Recette.
Do you need an invite code? nooooooo


Name: Gino Weinberg
Age: 19
Subject taught: Fashion
Canon: Code Geass: R2
Canon point: A year post-series because I'm difficult.

At the risk of sounding like a bad fanfiction, Gino is so often likened to a large hunting cat in Code Geass novellas that it would be amiss of me not to start with a similar metaphor here. Therefore: to think of Gino Weinberg is to think of a juvenile tiger. Granted, one raised in captivity in a spacious and well-maintained enclosure, but nevertheless a predator, and a huge one at that. It's just a tad more affectionate and used to playing nice with smaller animals than most big cats.

Putting cat metaphors aside for now, Gino comes from a sheltered childhood spent in one of the lesser estates owned by his parents, as the unimportant fourth son of a wealthy and distinguished noble family. Predictably, he learned to lash out at his 'bars' from an early age by being extroverted and overly friendly, and this got him into trouble several times when his acting out hurt others who lacked the same immunity as a noble he had. This personality combined with a life of relative privilege means he tends to see friends as 'his', and will drape himself over them with predictable familiarity whether they allow it or not. He takes slightly fewer liberties with his female companions, but only a few. Essentially, he believes that his right to get up in the personal space of his friends overrides their right to be alone. If they attempt to shake him off enough, however, he will let go. For a little while.

As a result of his outgoing personality, he tends not to act with any particular prejudice - race or gender, for example - which stems not from any real moral value but because he's generically friendly to everyone, whether they expect it and reciprocate or not. Paradoxically, he hasn't been particularly resistant to Britannian conditioning, and is therefore a lot more racist than your average human being. Or maybe just as racist as the average human being. Conversely, he has very little experience of life outside of nobility or his career as a Knight of Rounds. This doesn't prevent him from trying out new experiences whenever he can; in fact, quite the opposite: Gino is somewhat of a thrill-seeker. Another casualty of his explorations is his speech: in relaxed or informal situations, it becomes a hodgepodge of 'commoner slang' and proper upper-class diction, generally inappropriately used. He prefers this relaxed language whenever formality isn't strictly necessary, and tries to enforce it on friends whenever possible. However, he will slip back into an entirely formal speech pattern when the situation requires it, or when he needs to be serious.

Nor does his inexperience make him stupid or naiive. He was one of the highest-ranked pilots in the Empire by seventeen, a soldier who had spent several years both on the front lines of Britannia's wars and back in their territories serving the imperial family. And even now, after the war's end, he serves as the highest-ranked pilot after the deaths or defections of his comrades. Despite his easygoing demeanour, Gino is a ruthless, competitive opponent who was entirely content with his role as one of the elite 'attack dogs' of the Britannian Empire until its reforms. Whilst not bloodthirsty or vindictive, he accepts that his willingness to kill makes him weak, as it weakens all those who give up their integrity and find excuses to kill other people. He personally prefers competitions and non-lethal battles, fights for fun rather than with any intention to kill, but this doesn't get in the way of his ability to follow orders or take the initiative on the battlefield.

Name: Tristan

Form: Absurdly tall halberd.

  • Blitzkrieg
  • Strength Boost
  • Flight
  • Durability Boost
  • Pack Instincts

Lost memories:
  • how to braid hair.
  • 'Ornaments made of carved vegetables shouldn't be eaten.'
  • that he used to have a crush on Kallen Kouzuki.
  • the proper etiquette for addressing royalty.
  • the plot of a stupid Britannian TV show he watched as a kid, about a talking fox warrior who fought the evil EU.
  • that sombreros are not suitable for everyday wear.
  • the reasons behind him running away from his family and joining the military.
  • how numbers are used as names, ie: the knight ranks and country renamings.
  • the name of his empress.
  • that Suzaku is supposed to be dead.


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Shion | No. 6 | OU | Reserved

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Name: seki
Journal: [personal profile] hurtbreak
Contact information: [AIM] seven idiots
Other characters: n/a
Do you need an invite code? nope!


Name: Oichi
Age: 19
Subject taught: Flower Arrangement
Canon: Sengoku BASARA
Canon point: After her storymode in 2

On her wedding day, she is apprehensive; she does not like being married off, but there is nothing she can do about it. Her brother has an iron grip over her; she fears him completely. However, she becomes less apprehensive as time goes on and her husband proves to be a good man. He is shy to let his affections be known and this at times confuses her, but his clumsy kindness is something she's never really experienced before. She's used to people hating her, or just plain disliking her. And so she quickly falls in love with him.

His death leaves a hole in her. The first person to be truly kind to her is gone, and she believes herself to be to blame. She was always quick to apologize for something she perceived to be her fault, but that intensifies after he is killed. Everything around her is her fault; she is thrown into war to fight for her brother, and this slowly rips her to pieces. Being a gentle person, Oichi did not enjoy killing people-- but she had no other choice. However, once she starts to hallucinate her dead husband's voice, this changes. His praise in her mind is motivation enough to completely change her outlook on such things; it relieves her of her guilt, at least somewhat, and Oichi is desperate to escape from that.

Escape is a huge motivation in her losing her memories. She cannot bear to be defeated in victory, she cannot bear the emptiness of getting revenge, she cannot bear the death of all those close to her. So, she suppresses everything, and reverts to an easier time. Something more convenient to her. She reverts to a nonexistent time where she fought under her brother and Nagamasa did not exist. And in place of Nagamasa's voice, Oichi hears her brother. He instructs her to do things and resolves her of responsibility for her actions; after all, she's just doing what her brother told her to do, there's nothing wrong with that.

After she loses these memories, Oichi is stripped down to her very core. And at that core is someone who has dealt with unending cruelties their entire life, someone shattered several times over, someone stunted and longing for kindness. She is someone who is steeped in darkness and misery and pain, and even forgetting everything does not rid her of that.

Her melancholy is the second most prominent part of her. While she no longer remembers the things she has endured, she feels their effect. She feels a great emptiness inside of her, and is resigned to it not ever feeling any better; she says that she must endure despite it, and she does. She is often seen crying because of this.

Her dark side is the most immediately obvious part of her. Oichi has a dark streak through her a mile wide, a whimsical lilt of dark humor and cruelty. Her cruelty is that of a child's-- pulling the wings off of an insect, watching it squirm and writhe in idle curiosity.

Oichi acts on intuition, feelings and instinct more than logic-- logic is generally the last thing on her mind, and when deciding what to do she often goes with what feels best. What has the best colour, what has the best texture, or what sounds prettiest. It's not often that something feels bad, but Oichi is drawn to brightness, warmth, and happiness, but then contradictorily takes comfort from darkness and misery, because they're familiar to her.

She speaks oddly, referring to herself in the third person; this is a sign of just how detached from herself Oichi is.

Name: Tsukumogami

Form: A tanto with a cloth wrapped carefully around it.

  • Breaking Point: As the Weapon's Durability falls, its Offense increases.
  • Nightmare Strike: Hits from this Weapon don't awaken sleeping opponents.
  • Shattering Blow: Strikes with this Weapon have a 5-10% chance of breaking the opposing weapon outright.
  • Chance of Sleep
  • +10 Offence

Lost memories:
  • 1 - What clouds are called.
  • 2 - The name of her brother, Nobunaga.
  • 3 - The fact that Nouhime uses guns.
  • 4 - Nobunaga's face.
  • 5 - How to brush and clean her hair.
  • 6 - Her shadow hands.
  • 7 - The memory of being handed a white flower by her husband, Nagamasa.
  • 8 - What it is like to be in love.
  • 9 - That blades are sharp.
  • 10 - Her favorite melody.


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AU!Dave Strider | Homestuck | Reserved

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[ gamzee makara // homestuck ]

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Name: Karen
Journal: [personal profile] pyrot3ch
Contact information: [AIM] pyrotechnicstars
Other characters: N/A


Name: Gamzee Makara

Age: 6 sweeps and a half ( 13 human years )

Canon: CANON

Canon point: A little bit after him and the rest of the trolls arrive in the Veil.

Gamzee's a chill motherfucker. He's just got to be going with where his hearts all up in, you know? Go with what he feels is right.

Think juggalo, with horns and face-paint, and a unicycle he can't even ride. Think the kind of guy you'd like to sit back and slam a wicked elixir with. Since he's calm almost all of the time, always aloof and friendly, he easily makes friends - if they're willing. While he's usually easy-going and chill, he doesn't like it when people are mean to his close friends; he's protective, you could say.

On Alternia, there's a caste system -- going from blood color, red being the lowest, purple bloods being the highest, seadwellers being the absolute highest. Think of the color spectrum. Highbloods have a higher chance of being violent and murderous. Gamzee's one of the highest land dwellers. He's also a descendant of the high subjugglators (think a group of crazy-ass motherfuckers that are extremely high-strung about the hemospectrum). So naturally, he should be quite aggressive -- but he isn't, not at all, and he doesn't care about the hemospectrum at all. He tries to be nice to everyone -- in every rank. Maybe that's all because of the sopor slime he eats -- sopor slime being the concoction trolls sleep in to keep away the nightmares (for lack of a better word) that all trolls experience during their daytime rest. Daytime, you might think? Yes -- trolls are night dwellers, as the sun on their planet is extremely dangerous. Only trolls -- like Kanaya -- can go out in the extreme rays. Why, you might be thinking, does he eat that stuff, when it so obviously is not for consumption?

Well, you could say it's because his guardian, his lusus, never was there to teach him how to act like a normal troll. Kind of like a dad -- except, this particular dad was almost always away, and when he did come 'home', he was only there for such a short time. Gamzee was neglected; and although it's not as if lusii are so very affectionate, he still lacked that contact, and those so very important lessons, one of them being don't eat the goddamn slime. Lacking all this, he did whatever he felt was right.

So that's pretty much all there is to Gamzee -- he's kind, calm; accepting and happy.

Wait, did you really believe there's all there is to him?

When Gamzee's off the sopor slime, when he's sober, it's a completely different story from the chill, relaxed, friendly juggalo everyone knows. He's violent, he's aggressive, and he demands respect from lowbloods -- you could say he's finally acting the way a highblood should, the way a subjugglator should. He isn't calm or kind; he isn't dopey and lazy; he's murderous in every sense of the word. He's completely wacked out; insane; crazy; the kind of crazy that decapitating bodies and setting them up in a weird display is fun. It's like a nightmare come true if you know him -- if you're close to him. No words sink through to him. You can't control him. You can't beg for your life, can't have that hope rise before it falls and sinks through to the earth. He's dangerous; completely and utterly, unless you're Karkat and your moirailing is able to calm him down.

Maybe, off the slime, this is his true self. Or maybe he's just snapped.


Name: Keres
Form: Juggling clubs

  • +10 offence
  • Galdr Bliss
  • Intimidation
  • Rage
  • Last stand

Lost memories:

  • What sopor slime is and how it affects him.
  • How to make sopor slime pies.
  • How faygo tastes.
  • The fact that he's no good at unicycling.
  • Why he dislikes Dave.
  • Karkat's blood color.
  • What the humans look like.
  • All knowledge of his lusus.
  • The ending of his title, "Bard of Rage".
  • All knowledge of Tavros.


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Yuri Lowell | Tales of Vesperia | 1/?

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Name: Aki
Journal: [personal profile] ginbean
Contact information: GinryuKnight [AIM]
Other characters: n/a
Do you need an invite code? nein


Name: Yuri Lowell
Age: 22
Subject taught: Fight Club Bar Fighting
Canon: CANON
Canon point: post-game

The first thing you have to understand about Yuri’s personality is that he’s always hiding his true motivations through evasion and deflecting. The more hilarious part about this, however, is that with enough time spent around him, these attempts only serve to make him more transparent and easily read. With that being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Yuri has multiple sides to his personality and that each are clearly defined yet strangely in sync with the others.

The major three are Yuri the Slacker, Yuri the Vigilante and Yuri the Self-Sacrificing Dolt.

We’ll start with Yuri the Slacker. As the title suggests, this is the easy-going, carefree Yuri that almost everyone is exposed to. This is also the cover for the other two sides, which means this is the way he’ll act nearly all the time. It would not be remiss of me to say that this is his most prevalent attitude and probably very close to his true persona but it would be more accurate to say this is more of a result than a cause in regards to his motivations. In this frame of mind, Yuri is simplistic, a realist and extremely grounded. He sees things simply, taking obstacles in stride and never lets them distract him from the true goal. It’s this attitude of his that keeps him optimistic and focused, which ultimately causes others around him to become like-minded. Because of his constant cheerful or uncaring manner, he can come off as irksome to many others but those who truly know him recognize the strong determination and good heart beneath, despite his mischievous tendencies.

Which brings us to Yuri the Self-Sacrificing Dolt. This title is also fairly self-explanatory in that Yuri has a massive martyr complex that he will never ever admit to. This is also the focal point of his motivations, though he never says as much in words. This side of Yuri peeks out from beneath his façade as a lazy, downtown bum occasionally and is almost always hidden again the minute someone pays attention. Any attempt to analyze, remark or compliment him on any of his actions as a result of this side are also deflected or evaded, painting him as modest (when it really counts) and a bit shy about his tendency to do good things. In fact, it’s this reserved nature that often causes him to come across as more of a dick than hero.

An example would be when the group witnessed a father, whose son had been taken by an evil magistrate, about to charge off into the wilderness to fight a notoriously powerful monster in order to earn the money to free his son. Rather than sensibly catch the man and try to talk him down, as most heroes would have done, Yuri tripped him and made him faceplant into stone and left the rest of the group to patch up his wounds and explain the reasoning.

There are other examples of course, such as allowing the credit for many of his accomplishments to fall on the shoulders of others as well as sacrificing his own sense of morals in order to save the lives of the innocent.

Which, conveniently, then brings us to Yuri the Vigilante. This side of Yuri is the darkest and rarely ever sees daylight. In fact, this side has only come out twice in game. (Three times, tops.) Also named appropriately, this is the side of Yuri where he enforces justice when the law fails to do so.

Twice, when two different high-ranking officials were found guilty of crimes against humanity, the Empire failed to make them pay for their crimes because of their influential power. In order to prevent a repeat of their actions and to protect the lives of those weaker and unable to fight back, Yuri decided to take things into his own ends and ended up killing both of them. (Or rather, killed one and watched the other sink into sand.) When Flynn called him out on his actions, Yuri explained that he had done it to save those who would have inevitably died in the future by the criminals’ hands. He also admitted that he realized he was sinking to their level and had become a criminal himself.

This side ties in heavily with his martyr self because Yuri claims to have taken up the duty of “dirtying his hands” in order to protect the innocent. He doesn’t concern himself with the fact that he might end up rotting in a cell for these murders, only that lives will be spared because of his actions. Thus, this side of Yuri is another result of his deep-rooted notions of justice and honor. He’s willing to take on all the hatred, the slander and the disgrace if it means someone else will make it out okay. It also means that anyone who abuses the weak for their own profit will earn no mercy for him. He’s already proven that he doesn’t care if he gets labeled a murderer, only that others with the same title get their due.

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Re: Yuri Lowell | Tales of Vesperia | 2/2

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Name: Savage Wolf Fury

Form: A spiked gauntlet.

  • Agility: How fast a Player can move and react. Higher Agility boosts act as a haste or speed+ effect, as though the world surrounding the Player has slowed down
  • Light: Causes the weapon to shine with a brilliant inner light. Both strong and weak against Dark, strong against dead characters.
  • Coup de Grace: Player has a 5-10% chance of defeating their opponent in one thrust. If Coup de Grace activates, it is classified as dark-type damage.
  • Amnesty: Offense increases gradually for every minute that has gone by in the current battle, up to the five minute mark.
  • Overlimit: A burst of energy allows a weapon to discharge one elemental attack. The element is selected at random.

Lost memories:
✧ The name of the guild he's in.
✧ How his parents died.
✧ What the bracelet on his wrist represents.
✧ How he met Estelle.
✧ The meaning of Dein Nomos.
✧ That he and Flynn served under the same captain when they were knights.
✧ How to walk down stairs.
✧ How to use doors.
✧ How to fold laundry.
✧ How to make croquettes.

Walking forward, Yuri can only feel a cold emptiness in his veins as he watches Cumore take that final step back and goes plunging into the sandpit below with a horrified shriek. In a way, he's grateful for the numbness that keeps him from feeling anything as he dirties his hands again, though the reprieve is bitter sweet. He knows that once this is all over and he's back at the inn watching Karol sprawl over his sheets, he'll feel differently. He'll feel consumed, burdened and heavy.

But for now? For now, he's icy cold and filled with disgust as he walks up to the edge of the dune and looks down at the knight who is slowly sinking into the darkness.

"I-I beg you! Spare my life!" Cumore shrieks, his eyes filled with pleading. For a brief moment, Yuri let himself consider the possibility of ending this now. Of turning back and taking the higher road and creating change without shedding blood, like Flynn would want. But it's only a brief moment, nothing more than an idle thought flickering through his brain, leaving as quickly as it came. There's no turning back for him anymore, not after Ragou.

Someone had to get their hands dirty.

Giving a mild, pointed glance at the coil of rope next to his feet, Yuri remained otherwise motionless, making absolutely no move to rescue the man. He wanted his point made clear, that there wasn't going to be any salvation for either of them at this point. And as he watched the realization come to Cumore's eyes, that he really was going to die here, the fallen knight reached up to him in a last ditch attempt.

"P-please no!" He wailed, "Not like this! I-I don't want to go like this!"

And at that moment, the disgust at the back of Yuri's throat overwhelmed his detached apathy for this situation. "Tell me," he began, voice low and barely audible over the sound of falling sand, "how many times have you heard those very words?"

Cumore's hand falls and finally, finally he sinks away into the sand, his screams dying out as the earth swallows him up. Yuri wasn't certain how long he stood there in silence, staring at the spot where the knight had disappeared so as to burn the imagery into his mind.

Murder is a crime.

And he was very much a murderer. The thought didn't bother him or cause him grief or guilt, if anything it only filled him with grim determination. He was sinking to their level and getting caught up in their depravity, yes, but that was okay. He wasn't a hero, he didn't have to put on an act for anyone and pretend to be a good guy. That was Flynn's job, only he wasn't pretending. He was the good guy. The naive, model citizen that would make the real changes in the end and change the empire.


He was just taking out the trash so nobody else had to.

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Also willing to let her be a Player in the first round, sorry for forgetting to post that @w@

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Lelouch vi Britannia

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Name: Lance
Journal: [personal profile] girlnamedlance
Contact information: [AIM] girlnamedlance
Other characters: None!
Do you need an invite code? Nopes!
Also he can totally be a first round Player 8D


Name: Lelouch vi Britannia (Lamperouge)
Age: 17
Canon: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Canon point: Post Turn 18

Lelouch is generally aloof to those around him. He is typically nonchalant, a bit lazy, and is somehow able to charm his way out of things, such as gym class. He's well organized when it comes time for him to be in charge of something, but that contributes to his lazy image; in that he's usually sitting back and telling everyone else what to do. He is a very caring and sweet older brother to Nunnally and Rolo (though not at the same time), and he's a good friend to those he befriends. Though he doesn’t make them easily. However, Lelouch carries resentment toward the Britannian Empire, and everyone within it. He is usually quiet about it, aside from an occasional comment when the news is on. But the truth runs much deeper. He would like nothing less than to exact his revenge on his father. This is what drives him toward anarchy and this is what is at the root of his descent into madness.

He is very protective of his friends and family as well. He frequently loses control of his rationality if any of them are endangered. Also, while he is calm and collected during his strategy, when things go out of his plan, or when things touch those he cares about, he flies off the handle, sometimes forsaking his mission to go and rescue whomever it may be, or correct his plans to make sure they do not end up in the crossfire. For all of his preplanning and forethought on genius levels, he does have difficulty ad-libbing when things go wrong. Everything in him grinds to a halt until he realizes what he must do to overcome the obstacle. If it’s truly insurmountable, he gets scared, and that fear manifests into anger and irrationality.

He is a master of many faces, presenting one self to his friends at school, another to the Black Knights, another to Nunnally, and he can switch between them easily. This is both a blessing and a curse when sometimes the groups clash. Sometimes he uses this to keep some free radicals in line, and sometimes it’s a hindrance when the wrong people are around a problematic phone conversation. But he manages these problems expertly and makes sure they’re not crippling.

From where he comes in canon, he’s just set into motion a chain of events that put him in the lowest point of his rebellion. Nunnally had just been far too close to a FLEIJA explosion, and he thinks she’s dead. C.C. has forgotten all about Geass, getting her Code, and about the rebellion. She’s just an innocent girl that likes pizza now. He’s holed himself up in his quarters in the ship and Schneizel is manipulating the Black Knights right out from under him.

Name: Shinkiro

Form: An extremely long sword, designed for thrusting. The top half of the blade is gilt in gold, the lower shrouded in pink, and decorated with green jewels in eye-shaped settings. The hand guard is excessively large, spread out at the sides like open wings, with a red jewel in its center. The handle itself is wrapped in plain, black leather.

  • +2 Dexterity
  • +6 Vitality
  • +2 Strength
  • Confusion
  • Coup de Grace: Player has a 5-10% chance of defeating their opponent in one thrust.

Lost memories:
  • 1 How Shirley died.
  • 2 That Rolo is not his brother.
  • 3 His mother’s face.
  • 4 That he measures his cooking ingredients to three decimal places.
  • 5 How Nunnally was crippled.
  • 6 What Nunnally’s favorite food is.
  • 7 That Suzaku was once his enemy.
  • 8 C.C.’s real name.
  • 9 Kallen’s heritage. He thinks she’s Britannian.
  • 10 What his cell phone number is.

Here is his tag for his old posts on Rakuen 1.0, even though his canon point is a bit earlier.

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