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On a small island town isolated within the flow of worlds, two schools wage a constant war to produce the ultimate weapon. A self-sustaining system, the town creates NPCs to populate its buildings and run its facilities, but looks outside itself, into the chaos of the multiverse, for its raw materials. Rakuen draws its population indiscriminately from every conceivable world with intelligent humanoid inhabitants, and some without. Shuttled in via train every weekend, their powers sealed within themselves in the form of spiritual weapons, characters awaken with little memory of the journey or their reasons for enrolling in one of the two schools - though, inevitably, they can recall agreeing to do so if they strain themselves.

Rakuen seals many things to draw out its inhabitants' true potential. The first is their abilities. The second is fragments of their memories and personality, which they must earn back by participating in the tournaments and skirmishes of the system known as Exaclan.

Exaclan, as anyone can find out with a few well-placed questions, is a virtual battle system layered over Rakuen that allows warriors to fight indefinitely without inflicting real damage - only the pain of the blows remains. To operate Exaclan, the system of Rakuen selects a number of its inhabitants to be the active warriors, the operators - or, as they are known in colloquial terms, the Players - and relegates the remaining majority to be their passive supply of Weapons, whose role is to serve and obey their particular Player. Players use a glove keyed into the virtual programming to draw a virtual facsimile of these passive characters' inner weapon, which they use to battle.

In RP terms, Rakuen Revolution is a reasonably small, medium-paced battle school game with memory loss and power alteration elements. It requires a basic monthly activity check. It is organised to optimise CR whilst allowing for player-run plots and schemes within a larger framework. While it doesn't have an active plot, there is an overarching target (the endgame) at which all characters can aim, and miniplots are held fortnightly with the potential for crack or alternate plots should players wish to trigger them.

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OOC Rules

Rakuen Revolution is a pretendy fun-times Dreamwidth RPG based on a manga that is a cross between Revolutionary Girl Utena, Pokemon, and Paradise Lost.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

However, there are still a few rules that need to be followed.

1) Don't be a jerk. Remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't be unnecessarily antagonistic and mean to others. If you have something to say about their playing, say it nicely.

This also means no racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise jerkish slurs or jokes. Even if you think they're funny, you don't know who could be sitting on the other side of the screen.

2) Six characters at a time. That is the current character limit. It has always been the character limit. It may or may not be increased in the future.

3) Remain active. AC is one post or two comment threads each month. We don't want to force you to tag when you don't feel like it, or make you take unreasonable time out of your daily life, but since this is a collaborative game with a focus on partner dynamics and battling, we would like you to be active. It's not fair to other players when someone they need is constantly unavailable.

If things are too hectic for you, or if you know for sure that you're going to be too busy to play, you can take a hiatus for up to one month. Any longer requires mod permission.

4) IC ≠ OOC. Just because you know something does not mean your character knows it. Using OOC knowledge in-character without any sort of rhyme or reason as to how that knowledge was obtained is not allowed. This means no jumping on evil characters who are good at hiding their true selves; no automagically knowing the right answer to a puzzle without having the character work it out on their own; and so forth.

Furthermore, IC actions and feelings should not bleed into OOC. Just because your character had a fight with another character does not mean that the other character's player hates you. Characters are not their players; someone who goes around molesting chickens and kicking babies into bonfires while jaywalking might be played by the nicest person in the world.

5) No godmoding. You play your characters; all the other characters are being played by their muns. Do not dictate actions for other characters, assume that they're present somewhere unless their player has said so, etc. Even in battles, when a Player is using a Weapon to fight, the Player's mun should not specify how the Weapon's human self behaves or reacts to things.

IC Rules

These are the in-character rules of Conquest, Fortitude, and the city of Rakuen. There are no OOC consequences for characters breaking these rules, but keep in mind that there can and will be in-character repercussions.

General rules

  • No student or teacher may enter the campus of the opposing school, unless on invite for battle purposes or if they are owned by a member of aforementioned school.

  • The mayor's mansion and grounds are strictly off limits to all students and teachers.

  • School is between 8am and 1pm, with a further class between 3-5pm which Weapons must obtain their Players' permission to skip (thus, Discards have no choice but to attend). For Players and Weapons with permission, these afternoon classes are optional (but recommended!)

  • The prefects are responsible for upholding the rules and ensuring the smooth running of their school; as experienced Exaclan battlers, they must be respected and obeyed.

  • The prefects' headquarters are off-limits to any non-prefect Rakuen resident regardless of status.

  • The full uniform must be worn at all times, apart from on free days or after school hours where your own clothing may be worn.

Player rules

  • Every Player must fight. Failure to fight by the third day will induce Rak fines for the offending Player which will continue until the Player participates in a battle or until the round is over. (OOC note: it is possible to go into negative Raks, and if your character manages it, please let a mod know on the shop page!)

  • It is a great honour to be chosen to fight in the main arena. Failure to turn up, or anything less than a formal and public refusal to fight, will result in heavy fines, and continued insubordination will result in further punishment.

  • Players may not touch a Weapon that belongs to someone else. Breaking this rule will invoke the warning penalty. Discards are not affected by this rule.

  • There will be no battling in classrooms, and fighting staff during classes is strictly forbidden.

Weapon rules

  • Weapons have no rights; any rights they do possess have been granted by their Player. They should be grateful for them!

  • One must have one's Player's permission to leave campus or to use the gym, swimming pool, computer room and library facilities. In addition, if one's Player wishes to, they can give a Weapon permission to eat from the full cafeteria menu.

  • Weapons who belong to the shopkeeper must report to the shop at 1:15pm sharp for their afternoon work.

  • Weapons must be available for battling or other work at all times.

  • Weapons owned by a member of the opposing school will continue to live and study in their own school. However, they should still be available for their Player whenever they might have need. Buying a communicator so that one can receive messages from one's Player is a good way to be as good a Weapon as possible!

Discard rules

  • Discards may not leave campus; if one wishes to go to the shop they must ask a Player or a prefect to escort them.

  • The building containing the library, swimming pool, gym and computer room is strictly off limits to Discards.

  • Discards may only eat from the limited cafeteria menu. If they find this food unappetising, they must find and vow with a Player kind enough to give them permission to eat from the full menu.

  • Discards may not use the city-wide web, only the network system for their campus. Furthermore, Discards may only use this network system to search for a Player.

  • Discards may only sit at the Discard table in the cafeteria.

  • Discards may only sit in the front row of their classroom.

  • Teacher Discards must report to the head teacher during their breaks to run errands.

  • Student Discards are at the service of the prefects. Failure to carry out an order or request will result in swift punishment at the discretion of the head prefect.

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Note about the application process

On this page we will be posting our acceptances/rejections. For revisions, we prefer to come and find you on the contact information you have provided. This is so that instead of just a post, you have one of the mods to talk to in case of questions so things move smoother. Revisions might be for anything from weapon mechanics to wanting a little bit more information. For small changes (such as changing the wording of abilities for example) we will probably just accept you and ask you to quickly change that. So if you haven't got a reply and people below you have, don't panic! We are probably waiting for you to be available to discuss things with. If you notice before we have found you, please come and grab us!

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